Vibra Studio is a wellness, yoga and lifestyle brand created by Dr. Francesca Vazquez, a certified yoga instructor and doctor in clinical health psychology, whose goal is to connect to the community and increase awareness about the benefits of yoga and mindfulness for mind body health. Vibra Studio originally launched in 2019 as a yoga studio located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In addition to daily yoga classes, our space hosted wellness events, meet-ups, and free mental health workshops for our community.

After a year of successfully running VIBRA's physical space, we decided to rebrand our concept and go fully virtual as an online community with weekly wellness articles, guided meditations, bi-lingual high vibe yoga classes, and pop-up classes. You can  follow our Instagram account for daily content, live classes and more!

Our vision and mission remains the same: provide an automatic shift in vibration  and give you access to a higher state of mind.

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