Life Lately and the reimagined Vibra Studio

For more than a year, since the moment I decided to open Vibra Studio, my life was about yoga. Practicing yoga, teaching yoga, and developing a business focusing on Yoga. Then the pandemic hit and the yoga world as we knew it came to a halt. We were forced to reinvent ourselves, the way our businesses worked and the way we connected to our practice and Vibra Studio’s community.

To me, it never felt quite natural to continue running Vibra Studio from the other side of a screen – after all, the main mission and drive behind opening up a studio was the sense of community created, the connections made and the safe space created within our 4 walls.

Due to the pandemic and the long term effects it had on small businesses around the world, we decided to close the physical space of Vibra Studio and come back in a new and different way once the dust settled.

Since then, so many things have happened – one of them being a beautiful surprise as I am expecting my first baby, due in June 2021! With the coming and going of time (and the survival of that first trimester which not only included constant nausea, dizziness and an inability to barely get into a downward facing dog let alone a headstand) we are finally ready to relaunch Vibra Studio as an online home of content aiming at raising our community’s vibration - the same mission that once inspired the creation of our physical studio space.

You can now expect wellness related articles, content and surprises along the way. Pop-up virtual and in person classes will return with time and who knows, maybe a new set of 4 walls in the future will as well.

My yoga, fitness and wellness practices have been looking quite different during the past few months, as I’m sure that’s also the case for many of you!

If there’s anything I’ve learned lately is that life throws curveballs and if we wait until things go back to “normal” to start again, we’ll be waiting for a very very long time.

So here’s to change and to reimagining ourselves on the daily!

Hope you continue to follow along…

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