Pregnancy Unfiltered - 1st trimester good and bad surprises

First trimester hit me like a ton of bricks. Smack in the face. No warning. There really is no way of sugar coating it – I barely had time to process the news before I found myself snuggled on the couch with so much nausea and dizziness I could barely take it. I knew people experienced morning sickness, but by morning sickness I imagined a trip to the bathroom a few mornings a week and that would be about it. It was rough and it wasn’t until I learned how to prevent the nausea, what to eat for better nutrition, stayed hydrated and got closer to the second trimester did the blurry first few weeks dissipate.

So here is my “good and bad surprises” list for those first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Good Surprises:

- The joy of having a secret that only me and my husband knew of.

- Getting to see the excitement in my friends and family’s reaction was priceless.

- The peace I felt with the timing of the Universe, knowing this moment had come at the exact moment it was meant to.

- How as soon as 12-14 weeks hit, for most women, the sickness lifts and you feel like yourself again!

Bad surprises:

- The complete shift in diet and food aversions. It’s like you’re in a new body and the old food you enjoyed no longer seems appetizing. Cooking elaborate meals is out of the question and the only thing you can think of is “how can I get this meal prepped as quickly as I can before the nausea hits?”.

- How, to beat nausea, you need to eat something – ANYTHING!- every 2-3 hours. I haven't snacked like this since 1992.

- The headaches! Who knew first trimester could bring on the craziest headaches of your life?! You can’t take advil or motrin and Tylenol didn’t cut it for me!

- How hard that first trimester is for some women and how it can feel for a breeze for others! How truly different all pregnancy experiences can be!

Hope this post was helpful and that, if you are pregnant or have been, you can feel seen and supported!

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